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finally all task for my bachelor has been complete:::
didnt believe heehe here let me show you in the RPS sytem

the first picture show you the submission of hard copy and second picture shown the softcopy...
only the copy for my advisor will be sent by thee week 17th due the technical problem...

A million thanks to my supervisor Mdm Rohaida, because he always be there wth me when i need supportto help me solve the problem and also giving me guide how to solve the problem...thanks to mr sharul and mr azman our technician  because they also support and guide me,,especially in labview part and give opportunity for me to use the lab equipment.. last but not last for my family for understanding about my life as an engineering student,,,,, for my friend always support me,,, my romate,,and lastly the owner of because she always lend her time to accompany me to update this blog.....

a million thanks to allll



assalamualaikum wbt...
guys, thanks for those who always keep waiting for my update::::
a  million thanks for that,,
alhamdulillah the final presentation has been done successfully..
now im concentrate to complete my report and submit to the RPS(research and postgraduate) and submit to my advisor,,,
here let me share with you the poster of my project

see u in the next post


Engineers day

salam guys,   
alhamdulillah finally the important day is around the corner

The time has come for presentation session.All final year students have to gather in the Gemilang Hall.Below are the tentative program for the presentation session:
the detail as  mention Below:::

INDustry Day

Place: PLC Lab, Level 1, Academic Building

Time: 9.00 a.m - 5.00 p.m

my assessor as mention above::::

MKJ(mr Mokhtar)
MANO(mr AzmaN)

huwhuahuhahaaaaaaa... im so nervou
s.. hopefully both of them be nice wth me....
to ensure i will stay cool until the end of my presentation.. im asking some tips from my supervisor Mdm Rohaida. Alhamdulillah and thanks to madam because she give me alot of tips for me to survive during the horror phase as a student....


Monitoring Automatic Water Sprinkler Using LabVIEW result (VIDEO)

salam guys as i mention in previous post about the video.. here the video.. sorry im just use the low qulity of phone....


Monitoring Automatic Water Sprinkler Using LabVIEW result

hye all bloggers and non bloggers who love to blogwalking,,, welcome to my official side of my future as an engineeer.. For this post i will present all the result for this project.

LabVIEW is the main focusing in this project. The objective is to monitor the system running. All reading either temperature or humidity will be displayed in LabVIEW. Same goes with the running of motor to start the water sprinkler also will be displayed in this LabVIEW.

here the result for my project....

if u guys see the above picture , it shows the function of LabVIEW. LabVIEW will display fir every single thing happen in this system. As example when the Temperature sensor detect reading more than 30º and the humidity sensor detect less than 60% reading it will turn on LED at the hardware part and software part which is LED in LabVIEW. At the same time the data will sent to the relay from IC ATMEGA to switch on the motor. Based on the result above for condition 1 when the temperature less than 30ºc and humidty less than 60% ,LabVIEW will turn on the LED for humidity and will turn off the LED for temperature. It will prove either this monitoring system follow the hardware by comparising the data collected from this part. Second condition is when the temperature sensor more than 30º and the Humidity sensor more than 60% it will directly turn on LED for temperature and turn off LED for Humidity. For the third condition is when the temperature more than 30º and humidity is less than 60% both of LED will turn on. The last condition is when the temperature sensor detected reading less than 30º and the humidity sensor detected more than 60% both of LED will remain off. Function LabVIEW for this project is only for display the running of this system

so based on the result that i display i hope it will help you, understand the whole system for my project.. an the next post i will display the video of my project.. see guys in the next post... byee.....

testing part (monitoring system with LabVIEW)

assalamualaikum and have a good day to all readers,,,
as i promised in previous post,,,
now i will share with you the testing part for my Monitoring system via LabVIEW

for this testing i will using the same equipment such as multimeter, lighter, hair dryer...
but for run the lab view a i need this 
Data Acquistion (DAQ) 


Data Acquistion (DAQ) (mobile system)

install this sofware in your PC/laptop

this is some video of LabVIEW testing.. hoe enjoy while your watching>>
on the next post i will produce the full result of my project.. see you in the next post////


Testing (installation hardware with Prototype


hye all readers... how are you today!!!
thanks for keep waiting for my update...
sorry im quick busy with the assgment,harware part +testing and busy with other subject for my last semester with this institution.
For this post i will share with you the video for hardware testing,, hope u guys will gain an information from that video.. for this testing im using:::::----

Lighter for temperature testing

hair dryer for humidity testing

multimeter for record all the data

 for the next post i will share with you the testing for LabVIEW.. hope u guys will always update wth my post.. tc...  a million yhanks for keep follow my blog...  :)